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How do I create a short link?

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You can shorten a link from the main page or if you have an account from dashboard it's very simple!

What are the benefits of zagl short link?

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The benefits brought by the short link are many for example you can earn money, if you have a long url you can shorten it and zagl is the best url shortener with many benefits for example 50% referral bonus and low minimum payout. Our short link service is your best choice because you can earn money very fast and we add new updates to our website to improve the user experience

Why to choose zagl?

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Zagl is a trusted and used platform by more than 1 million users in all countries and is very simple to use!

What is a url shorter?

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Shorten url applications turn long and / or special character links into short links of up to 30 characters.The short link consists of a domain ( and a unique set of numbers and letters (